Cotto welcomes its guests with its carefully prepared Italian menu and warm atmosphere. Continuing to serve with 14 years of restaurant management experience, Cotto brings Italian comfort to Sortie with its Bosforo branch.

Located in the center of Istanbul, next to the Bosphorus, Bosforo; It brings you deep-rooted Italian cuisine from original Napolitan pizzas cooked in a wood oven to irreplaceable Sicilian desserts such as Cannoli and Tiramisu, from Mandarina Aperol with a Venetian breeze to Tuscan wines.


We, as Alas Ocakbaşı family,

We always adopt the logic of “customer and guest”, not “customer”.
Our priority is to bring you together with our experienced and visionary business team around a fireside restaurant, which is indispensable for Turkish people, and to host you in the best way possible.
We look forward to meeting you in Sortie, the most rooted enterprise of the European continent.


First opened in 2012 in Rumeli Kavağı and gained its regular guests in a short time with its sea food appetizers and fresh daily fishes ,Balıkçı Yılmaz is one of the prestigious restaurant opened in Sortie this year. We serve between 18:00-00:00 in Sortie near the seaside location and waiting our guest to taste our grilled octopus, shrimp, specially made salted bonito  and daily fresh Black sea fishes.


Details coming soon…